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from Ringtown, Pennsylvania, United States of America

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I am a lover of all things artistic. As a self taught graphic artist I am free to create the things I find most interesting. I love fractal artwork because of the wonderful and sometimes strange designs that fractals produce. I am a lover of animals and nature but also of surreal and abstract art in all forms. I have featured pages filled with surreal artwork on My favorite design work by artists across the Zazzle art sphere of animals and more are featured at .  This amazing art is on all kind of gift products ready for you to buy. I am also a big fan of comedy and humor so there are quite a few t-shirts, posters and mugs with my favorite funny images and sayings.

A few of my personal interests include:
Photography, vintage photos, fractal design, zazzle design stores, animals, classic rock, television, movies and books. If you visit my FaceBook page you will see exactly what books and music.


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Supplying vintage & antique photographs since 1999!
Genuine/original photographs that can be used as great stock for your pages.

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please do stop by there are some wonderful spots to visit  

My Blog - A variety of interesting posts - fantastic arwork and article along with many videos. You will also find some great music here.

My Youtube Channel - This is my favorite piece of work. I really wanted it to get around so please share it with all your friends 'Beauty of Nature'

Squidoo Lenses - I have over 50 informative lenses. Most of them have areas where you can add links to your business if it relates to the lens.

WinCustomize - Free wallpaper, desktop themes, logon screens by myself and others

Deviant Art - This link is to my gallery at DA. If you like art of any kind you must visit this site

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IM Faceplate - An exceptional place to network

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NEOBUX - PTC where you can rent referrals



Lords of Traffic  ***** A great site to surf if you are on a team.

Startxchange  *** I enjoy surfing this site. I am on a team that pays out 50 credits if you surf 50 pages

Bellas Click Shack * Nice people and interesting set up but not enough surfers

Hit2Hit ** Easy to surf with quick timer but they no longer accept most of my rotation pages.

HitsBoosterPro ** I always surf enough here to keep my pages with credits. I only have to surf about once a week.

HitsHook * Never liked this site. The layout messed up my browser.

Soaring4Traffic ** Easy site to surf. I try to surf here once a week

TrafficWitch * Do not surf here - I don't even remember why I am not interested

TrafficG **** - I love that the have very targeted traffic and they have a great promotional page even if you are a free user - check mine out here

HitSilo *** - I got a $50 payout from here and I was not really surfing much so I frequent it

TrafficSplash ***  I go here maybe once a week. Once I won 1000 credits while surfing.

TopFlightTraffic * Do not surf here much

Web Biz Solutions * This is an interesting site but I do not frequent it. They have a gambling vibe wher you can roll dice and chance how many credits you get of just take the flat amount.

SciFiHits * Ths site has a lot of fun stuff









Traffic Hoopla is a site that will make linking to many of these  exchanges easy with this one link