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1) Find Child Day Care in your Area
Metrodaycare helps parents find quality child care in and around their area.

2) Matric Notes
A blog having notes of matric. Physics Chemistry Biology Notes and Numericals

3) Ubuntu Version 8
Definitive Guide to Ubuntu Version 8

4) Energy is never 100% free but the information is
Energy is never 100% free but the information is

5) Common English Grammar Mistakes
Most Common English Grammar Mstakes made when writing.

6) we analisys any topic
you need tips about computer,healthy,beauty,blogging, and others. just try to take a look

7) Temple Of Hecate - Goddess Of The Three Paths
The Greek goddess of the three paths, guardian of the household, protector of everything newly born and the goddess of witchcraft.

8) HIstory
About history of war in entire world

9) Spaceflight news
News from the spaceflight industry

10) targate
how to crack gate 2016.the most trusted site for latest information anything about gate.

11) Preschool learning materials
a site for preschool

This Site provides you latest information on each and everything.

13) Question Answers For SSC and UPSC
ssc upsc question answers,general awareness,general science,general knowledge for bank po,bank exam,SSC exam,upsc exam

14) Spanish Dictionary the site about Spain arts and language
A blog discussing Spanish language and fashion.Learning spanish and articles on Spanish.Where to go in Spain to taste the authentic lifestyle of Spain and it's culture.

15) B.Sc B.A Notes
A blog having B.Sc B.A Notes of Punjab University English Math Physics Computer Botany Zoology Chemistry

16) Learn Arabic on Skype
Learn Arabic live with a native speaker

17) 2014 New Guide On How To Seduce Women
Learn how to attract and seduce beautiful women to get them to bed. The Tao Bad Ass will help you get all the women that you lust.

18) Nu School Educational
Illustrated grammar book and fun songs!

Learn Languages,Computer,Science,Music,Yoga,geography,Math and much more

20) Place to Learn How to Save the Rain Forest
Place to learn about conservation efforts for saving rain forests

21) My Child
Agrishares Ovo je projekat naših mladih stručnjaka koji će biti predstavljen investitorima u Njujorku. Molim Vas glasajte za projekat i podelite! Hvala!

22) Agriculture
More Men More Food

23) Forms and Documents
All Kinds of Application Forms and Docs used in Bangladesh : Government and Non-government purpose -আজকাল প্রায়ই দেখা যায় প্রয়োজনীয় ফরমগুলো অনলা

24) Engineering Studies
Life of a Engineering student,who is studying in Andhra Pradesh,INDIA. Just take brief overview of this blog.

25) TesdorfDesign Architecture
Architecture and Architects Resource Reference

26) Most Amazing Extinct Animals
Even animals in general are amazing, but here we will brought to you the most amazing extinct animals, and also almost extinct animals to raise our care of saving them before too late

27) Make Money at Home While Homeschooling (and anything else).
Information about ways to make money from home

28) The Magic Book Garden - Digital Content for Numpties
Covering 12 categories, with over 100 digital ebooks / pdfs for numpties, covering; Animal Care, Cooking, DIY, Decorating, Electrical, Plumbing, Plastering, Painting, How To Guides and more

29) TortoisesWorld
Is about tortoises life

30) Zona Belajar Online
Pelajaran,sekolah,pendidikan mata pelajaran,pembahasan,cara mengerjakan

31) High School Chemistry Blog
This blog contain learning materials of chemistry at high school level.

32) Montague Blog
English Blog For Mrs. Garvars Freshmen English Class

The blog's purpose is to aware general visitor's to protect our nature from the man made pollution.

How To Teach A Child How To Read And Write. How To Teach Your Child To Read And Write. How A 2 Year And 4 Year Old Learned To Read In 12 Weeks. Give Your Child The Most Important Skill In Life - Readi

35) SimpleTech1,Therealblogger

36) Earn money
Earn money in online its without investment

37) The Captivated Life

38) FREE eBooks & Videos
- About Online Business, Environment, Cooking, Health & Fitness, Mind & Spirit.

39) Marine Sea Creatures
Marine Life is always interesting and mysterious to travel to, i wanted to learn about the marine sea creatures that always makes me wonder how weird they could get, that's why i share them, to

40) Technology and science latest helpful ideas
Science and Technology Idea sharing

41) Stack UI - Owais Bikiya
Training material for UI Designers tutorials for scripts with we mostly used in our website or web application.

42) Creatures World
About how unique is the creature

43) Emerald Guardians
description: Awaken and Arise, Science & spirituality , Freedom Teachings, Keylontic, Kathara, Templar. HC-EG

44) Green Energy and You
A collection of articles and information to showcase emerging, alternative forms of energy and how they affect you.

45) PaTaNi RiVeR
Patani river is aimed at the presentation of facts about Patani Conflict, the conflict of Muslim Malay of Patani and Thai government

46) Online Masters Degree Programs
At we help you achieve your dream career/goal, whether it would be getting a promotion, upgrade your education, change your profession, confused about the right career and/or I

47) NCERT Solutions for JK BOSE Text Books
Solutions for text books of NCERT Based for Jammu and Kashmir, All solutions available for English Mathematics, Science, Civics, History etc.

48) Jim McGrath's Writing on the Wall
A posting of my writings on topics ranging from education, politics, pop culture and sports

49) Malaysian education
Learn Languages,Computer,Science,Music,Yoga,geography,Math and much more

50) Solar Energu Online
Personal Web Site About Solar Energy